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Korean International School Philippines

SDGs 그룹

[Group 1] 1. 빈곤퇴치 2. 기아퇴치 3. 건강과 복지

포럼 주제/소주제

Providing paid leaves to workers who are affected by COVID-19 / A Policy Paper to achieve SDG 1


SDGs : End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

This report aimed to write a plausible policy which would resolve the first sustainable development goal. The researchers had compared the overall situation of the world and the Philippines. Also, the researchers focused on the effects of COVID-19 to poverty. Through COVID-19, everyone is going through a lot of pain and challenges, and the researchers are trying to provide a policy that will improve the situation. The researchers have made a policy that is solely focused on the workers because of financial problems they have encountered. The policy would be explained well throughout the paper and believe it is effective.

  • Jacob
    2021년 3월 20일 at 11:14 오전

    Thank you for your presentation! I just have a quick question for your team.
    In what ways can the Phillipines government procure funds to execute that policy? Does phillipines have the good welfare system to execute those kind of policy? Are they capable of doing that?

  • harris
    2021년 3월 21일 at 7:25 오전

    Hi, I enjoyed watching your presentation. I think your topic is very interesting and that it is a matter that needs to be carefully considered based on the situation we are in right now. COVID-19 has had a big impact on everyone’s life and efforts to reduce poverty after it is crucial. However, I have some doubts about whether or not a paid leave for workers affected by COVID-19 is the most compelling and practical solution for worldwide poverty as you mentioned in your presentation, at 2:54. I think that this policy is more of a solution for middle-class people, who have jobs and are not below the extreme poverty rate. Would a solution for poverty in the Philippines actually help end poverty worldwide? How would individuals without jobs be benefited from this policy and how would poverty be eradicated for these people?

  • 예진
    2021년 3월 22일 at 8:34 오후

    Hello, I am Yejin Hong who prepared researched about issues in Group2. Your team’s presentation was impressive.
    Directly heading to my question about the policy your team has come up with, how will the “Paid sick leave” policy actually reduce the gap between the rich and poor? The policy may be capable in rescuing the poor, but I am wondering how will it affect people who are already rich? Will they still receive the same level of services like the poor? What’s more, if the government is able to afford the money for such services when workers are ill, they will have to increase the tax rates and the rich will eventually be paying more. May I ask your thoughts about this?
    Thank you!

  • 수빈
    2021년 3월 23일 at 12:10 오후

    안녕하세요 데씨르 팀,

    그룹 6에서 아동 포르노 학대를 연구한 개인 참가자 박수빈이라고 합니다. COVID-19 상황에 대한 경제적 불안정에 대한 데씨르 팀의 접근 방식은 상당히 흥미로웠으며, 해당 문제에 관심을 유도하는 좋은 자료가 될 수 잇다고 생각합니다. 많은 국가에서 심화되고 있는 문제들 중 하나인 빈곤은 개인적으로 솔루션이 시급한 문제라고 생각합니다. 대다수 경제학자들이 향후 수십 년 동안 급격히 증가하는 경제적 격차를 예상한 가운데, 근로자들에게 보다 편안한 환경을 제안하는 데씨르 팀의 전략이 사회에 긍정적 인 효과를 가져올 것이라고 확신합니다. 그럼에도 불구하고 개인적으로 해당 방법은 단순히 복지에 가까울 뿐 근본적 경제적 불안정을 해소하는 방법이라고 생각하지 않습니다. 더하여 정부가 개별 기업, 특히 미국과 한국과 같은 민주주의 국가에서 개입 할 수 있는 한계는 항상 존재하며, 특정 환경 조성을 법적으로 강요하는 것 또한 많은 논란을 불러일으킬 수 있다고 생각합니다. 따라서 해당 정책이 과연 어떤 특정한 효과를 불러오는 지 혹은 경제적 격차 완화에 결정적 영향을 끼칠 수 있는지에 관한 데씨르 팀의 의견을 듣고자 합니다.

  • 황지원
    2021년 3월 24일 at 1:53 오전

    Hello, this is team TAT. As far as it is known, there is a huge economic to the entire Philippines, so it is cautious to even impose a curfew. In this economic crisis, the national budget is not expected to be sufficient to support all citizens economically, who should we support first? Or is there any other ways to fairly provide economic assistance to many people with limited budgets, except subsidies?

  • 루피
    2021년 3월 25일 at 2:45 오전

    Hello! As a way of addressing poverty, you’ve offered a “paid-sick leave policy,” which I think is a remedy for those who have temporarily lost their income rather than directly addressing poverty. Can you provide a concrete link to how this can solve the problem of poverty?

  • 논
    2021년 3월 26일 at 11:23 오전

    Hello. We are Keonguk student council team 1.
    It was very interesting that you connected two matters; SDGs and COVID-19. Although there are a variety of supports in the Philippines such as financial aid for unemployed citizens, people in lower class, people who got back from working abroad, lending for small or middle sized companies, preparing for a better medical environment, and online lessons, there is still poverty in the Philippines. Could you explain why is it?
    Also, people can take paid leave when they get illness to save their health is amazing. However, only this project is not enough to reduce poverty affected by COVID-19. Would you explain any other ideas for it? If you do, how would you manage to make it possible? Thank you.

  • Tommy
    Tommy Park
    2021년 3월 27일 at 8:13 오전

    Thank you for your presentation. I had a question about the paid sick leave policy. I understand that the workers will be able to come back to work early as well as slow down the rate of the virus. However, how does the employer benefit from this? They will have fewer workers each day and the business will struggle to thrive. As their economic prospects decrease, it will be harder to continue the policy. In addition, policies like this will be extremly hard to utilise in developing countries like the Philipines. This is because in general, developing countries job sectors mainly consist of low paying jobs, such as a janitor. If too many of these workers are not working, this will make it even harder for the country to run in my opinion.

  • 양서윤
    2021년 3월 27일 at 9:49 오후

    Hello Decir! This is Seoyun from TAT. Your presentation as well as your report was remarkable since you have devised a policy by yourself which is ‘paid leave and paid sick days’. However, I have some questions from this report.

    Firstly, I want to ask specifically about the current support for the underprivileged since you have asserted that poverty problem is being overestimated. Is there other proof than the author referred to it? If it is being overestimated, then why did United Nations included ‘no poverty’ for SDGs movement?

    Also, I am curious that the government from the impoverished countries have enough budget to support the unemployed workers. It would be ideal if they actually enforce the policy, but the whole world’s economy is adversely affected especially among developing countries due to COVID-19. I would like to ask whether you considered and fully understood the current circumstance while devising the policy.

  • 초
    2021년 3월 27일 at 9:54 오후

    Thank you for your insight. I think it would be helpful if you also could think about what other methods could be the problem solver for poverty? (Besides the paid leaves)