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SDGs 그룹

[Group 5] 13. 기후변화 대응 14. 해양생태계 15. 육상생태계

포럼 주제/소주제

Out of Sight (But Never Out of Mind) / Climate Change and What Humans Ought to Do


SDGs : 기후 변화 대응, 해양 생태계, 육상 생태계

This essay starts with the unseen effects of climate change. Phenomenon such as the acceleration of the earth prove that climate change is taking effect, but there is little to no progress being taken. This essay then dives into the author’s belief of what the main and biggest cause of climate change is. The author establishes her speculations for why there is so little progress being made and gives a simple yet difficult solution to fix global warming and its effects. Finally, the author concludes the essay with her main message.

  • 나현
    2021년 3월 21일 at 4:20 오후

    안녕하세요 ‘신수빈’ 님

    저희는 [GROUP 1]의 ‘늘품’ 입니다.
    발표영상과 보고서 모두 너무 감명깊게 잘 보았습니다. 발표내용과 관련해 여쭈어보고 싶은 내용이 있습니다.

    첫째, re-education을 하신다고 하였는데 어떤 방법으로 하실 건가요?

    둘째, 국가 단위가 아닌 우리 개개인이 지구 온난화와 관련해 할 수 있는 행동은 무엇이 있나요?

    소중한 의견 부탁드립니다. 이상 [GROUP 1]의 ‘늘품’ 입니다.

    Hello, Shin Subin.

    We’re [GROUP 1]’s “늘품”.
    We were very impressed with both the presentation video and the report. I want to ask you something about the presentation.

    First, you said you would re-educate, so how would you do it?

    Second, what can we do in relation to global warming, not in national units?

    We are waiting for your opinion.This is “늘품” of [GROUP 1].Thank you.

    • 신수빈
      2021년 3월 25일 at 11:09 오후

      Hello ‘늘픔’ of GROUP 1,

      Thank you for your questions, I am delighted to answer them.

      To answer the first question, I think that re-evaluating the way we teach about climate change in the school system and implementing campaigns that place an emphasis on industries is a good way to convince and educate people on the current situation we are in and what kind of mindset we need to take on in today’s age.

      Secondly, I agree that personal efforts are just as valuable as national or international efforts. I believe that the most effective way to reduce the effects of global warming is reducing substantial amounts of plastic waste, reducing CO2 emission levels through means of public transportation in place of a car, and going vegetarian or vegan.

      Again, thank you for your questions and I hope my answer is satisfactory.

      Sincerely, Suebyn Sin (Group 5)

  • 곽민서
    2021년 3월 25일 at 12:43 오전

    Hi, I’m Minsuh from Verde. I enjoyed your report and presentation about global warming. I have a question about your presentation.
    Re-educating people about the danger of global warming is very crucial, but I think education itself alone is not enough to convince people because they have to act voluntarily. Do you think a compulsory way is necessary to slow down global warming, or just educating people is enough? If you think that an obligatory way is needed, can you give me some examples?

    • 신수빈
      2021년 3월 25일 at 11:19 오후

      Hello Minsuh. Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted to be able to answer your questions.
      I think that while re-education is an effective way of urging and convincing people to act on the current issue. However, I agree with your opinion that re-education alone is not going to solve global warming. I believe that some compulsory means are going to be necessary to cut down and eliminate the effects of global warming in the next 10 years. I think regimes such as eliminating cars that run on petrol, reducing plastic production substantially, and stopping large-scale devastations of national resources and forests due to palm-oil production are necessary to reduce the effects of climate change.

      Again, thank you for your questions. I hope my answer was satisfactory.

      Sincerely, Suebyn Sin (Group 5)

  • 양서윤
    2021년 3월 28일 at 11:23 오전

    Hello Subin! This is Seoyun from TAT dealing with poverty problem in group 1. I have seen both your remarkable report and your presentation though I’ve come up with a question.

    Q. I believe that re-education isn’t the end of the process of eradicating global warming. I strongly assume that people’s action rather than persuasion is much more crucial to halt the climate change. In what ways people could take action towards the issue?

  • Seoyng
    2021년 3월 28일 at 7:28 오후

    Hi I am Seoyoung JI from Group 2!

    Your presentation was very interesting ! However, I would like to ask you some things.

    1. How would we re-educate people ? What kind of marketing would let people be convinced to not contribute to global warming? And how would this differ from any other educational vid/poster we see everyday?

    2. Do you think reversing our planet into the way it was before is possible or should sustaining what we have now the priority ?

    3. What do you think is the reason people still continue to contribute to global warming even though they know the downsides of it?

    Thank you !