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[Group 5] 13. 기후변화 대응 14. 해양생태계 15. 육상생태계

포럼 주제/소주제

Things happening in our marine ecosystem / threatening marine ecosystem-


SDGs group5: 14. Marine ecosystem

Behaviors have long been the focus of the oceans. These practices have, to a differing degree, detrimental effects on the condition of the aquatic ecosystem. Detrimental influences on the climate depend on the extent of human interference with nature. Two types may be differentiated broadly: waste and physical damage. About risks to the aquatic ecosystem, pollution is by far the more important. Therefore, it forms the primary focus of this segment. GESAMP defined its globally agreed definition for the marine sector, which reads as follows: 'Introduction into the marine environment (including estuaries) of humans, explicitly or implicitly, of substances Into the climate, leading to adverse consequences such as damage to living capital, danger to human health, an impediment to marine operations, including fisheries, impairment of marine activities,' Consequently, habitat loss can be discussed only regarding shipping's environmental risks. I shall first briefly describe the key causes of contamination when dealing with risks to the aquatic ecosystem. I can subsequently switch to the main compounds that can cause emissions concerning this Treaty's nature and habitats' loss.

  • 이성원
    2021년 3월 24일 at 2:54 오후

    Hello Youlim, this is Sungwon Lee from Yonsei University. Thank you for your very neatly organized report.
    It is said that government intervention is required to control pollution, overfishing, and loss of habitat. Just how you proposed that government could assign more marine protected areas and set a limit to restrict overfishing, what kind of laws could government enforce to control the pollution?

    • 윤유림
      2021년 3월 26일 at 5:47 오후

      I would first want to thank you for your question. The country could reduce water pollution if the government would implement a law to fines people who throw away trash around the coastlines.

  • 곽민서
    2021년 3월 24일 at 11:14 오후

    Hi, this is Minsuh from team Verde. I really enjoyed your report and presentation. I have a quick question about your presentation.
    Won’t there be complaints from the fisherman and others who earn money from fish if they are limited in the amount of fish they catch? If there are complaints, is there an eco-friendly solution that the fisherman and the government implementations can go along with?

    • 윤유림
      2021년 3월 26일 at 6:00 오후

      Thank you for your question. I am sure there would be complaints if ever there is a limitation. But rather than being completely restrained, the government should help such fisherman be able to fish, but only so long as they are not overfished.

  • 양서윤
    2021년 3월 28일 at 1:08 오전

    Hello Youlim, this is Seoyun from team TAT dealing with poverty problem in group 1. your presentation and your report were both remarkable though I have one question for this.
    1. What do you think is the reason of people destroying marine habitats? Is there any exploitations from extracting parts from it to benefit people?